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Produkt: Ocean Master 680DC

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Ocean Master 680DC
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680 DC

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Einzelpreis: 35.890,00 €
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If you want a class family boat that will give you great boating experience, choose Oceanmaster 680 DC. A deep cockpit and full windscreen ensure you and your passengers safe and dry ride. Designed for your comfort cabin, light and airy feel with in-hull windows and deck hatches, is a great shelter from the sun and two sleeping places. To adjust the boat to your needs you’ve got a list of equipment to choose from, including fridge, stove, a teak dining table, boat covers, heating system, and many others. Not forgetting of sport lovers and adding some adventerous features to the boat, holders to waterski / wakeboard and dive tank might be mounted on the boat. Oceanmaster 680 DC is a family daycruiser ensuring comfort, safety, and water fun trips. Get a break on and enjoy your time on water!

Preis: ab 35890 Euro zzgl. Vorfracht

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Breite:2,54 m
CE Kategorie:C
Gesamtlänge:6,80 m
Gewicht:1.300,00 Kg
max. Besatzung:8
max.Motorisierung:250 PS

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